Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Deepfakes and other doctored media so frightening?

Malicious attacks on your reputation, your character and your very name can be fabricated with a keystroke. Bad actors can now create a convincing alternate reality in moments. Anyone, with any agenda, has access to this technology in a world where a few seconds of falsehood can travel at viral speed. When reputations fall, relationships, campaigns and businesses fall with them. Without a shield against this epidemic of doctored lies, you are vulnerable to the whims of anonymous attackers.

What does VideoLock by Deeptruth do?

VideoLock provides instant, complete credibility against illegitimate attempts to mask the truth using sophisticated digital manipulation. The unalterable record of authenticity created with VideoLock eliminates the doubt and bias that attackers rely on to spread damaging, false attacks. Proof of the truth is at your fingertips.

How does it work?

Our VideoLock technology works by charting the digital fingerprints of a recording in the moment it is captured. The fingerprints include dozens of layers of local, regional and global measurements that are present when creating your media – such as the angle of the phone, GPS location, world clock information.

Just like real fingerprints, every frame of every video is entirely unique. VideoLock maps, validates and protects the digital fingerprints precisely, alerting you if any part of the media is modified.


Can VideoLock help curb the use of doctored digital media?

This is not a treatment. This is a cure. VideoLock fingerprints every second of your original recordings and instantly distributes them using blockchain technology. The resulting permanent, immutable record can be compared to any future version of the media after capture. If so much as a pixel is out of place, VideoLock will instantly inform you that the media is compromised.

How can I tell if media has been altered?

Use VideoLock to view any digital media and get instant verification of authenticity. A color-coded playback bar shows green for video certified as original. Anything that has been manipulated or otherwise altered will show red, providing a map to every frame that has been changed in even the slightest way.

Will I have to share all my photos, videos and audio recordings with VideoLock for this to work?

No. One of the most remarkable parts of this technology is that it has circumvented the need for any outside entity, including VideoLock, to access to your private media. Private videos and photos are never transferred from your phone unless you choose to share them.


Is it complicated to use?

The VideoLock App is incredibly easy to use. Open the app, then snap a photo, record audio or shoot video just like you’re used to. The app takes care of the rest.

Learn more about how VideoLock creates certified and verified media by downloading this white paper.